Law School Preparatory Program | Tokyo Japanese Academy is a Japanese language school that is strong in finding employment in IT companies and going on to famous schools.
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Law School Preparatory Program

To become a world-class human resource as a global legal professional. A program that thoroughly teaches the know-how and Japanese language skills necessary for advancing to law school.

This is an entrance class for overseas students aiming for a legal career, aiming to enter a Japanese law school. By partnering with Ito Juku, which has a wealthy experience in providing guidance to law schools, you will be able to receive optimal examination guidance with a view to taking exams at difficult schools while carefully learning Japanese from the basics.

About affiliated school "Ito Juku"

We are a pioneer in legal education schools that provide guidance for taking various legal qualifications, including the bar examination aimed at becoming a lawyer, judge, and prosecutor. In the judicial examination, which is the most difficult qualification in Japan, about XNUMX% of those who passed the judicial examination from the preliminary examination route are students of Ito Juku*, and their leadership makes it possible to land on your dream of going on to law school. At Tokyo Japanese Academy, we provide Japanese language instruction necessary for entering graduate school based on a special curriculum affiliated with Ito Juku.
* XNUMX results

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Representative Director Masayoshi Uehara

There is an increasing need for hiring Chinese nationals who understand Japanese law.

With the growing need for compliance in Japanese society and the international expansion of Japanese companies, the need for hiring global legal staff has become extremely strong in recent years. In particular, as the number of Japanese companies expanding their business in China has increased, the recruitment of Chinese-speaking personnel is becoming more active, and the number of job listings for law school graduates is up to about 10 times that of 6 years ago. This trend is expected to continue in the future, and the market for sellers of global human resources who understand Japanese law and can respond in Chinese is expected to continue.

Comments from graduates

University of Tokyo Law School(Enrollment in 2020)


Waseda Law School(Enrollment in 2021)

Mr. Hu

Sophia University Law School(Enrollment in 2021)

Mr. Inui

Example of job information for law schools by major Japanese companies

* Created by Ito Juku based on the job information posted on Indeed, the world's No. 1 job site (information as of January 2021).

$ 50,000 ~ 90,000 / year

A major chemical trading company that has been in business for over 200 years. Legal risk analysis and evaluation of domestic and overseas transactions, and proposals for reduction measures. Support for business strategies such as M & A, investment, establishment of joint ventures, etc.

Company A

Companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

$ 50,000 ~ 90,000 / year

We have many products with the world's top share. We are consistently involved in the development of materials based on copper materials, processing and environmental recycling. Responsible for general legal affairs, various contract affairs, etc.

Company B

Companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

$ 50,000 ~ 90,000 / year

A company that operates a groupware system with the No.1 market share in Japan. Recruiting inexperienced people who have completed law school and assigning them according to their suitability.

Company C

Companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

About the curriculum

We help you make a smooth transition to law school examination guidance in order to acquire practical Japanese proficiency that is useful for a career after graduation while comprehensively teaching 4 skills (speaking, listening, writing, and reading)

First semester(April / October-)

Second semester(Approximately XNUMX months after enrollment)

Japanese language instruction (beginner / intermediate)

  • Learning basic grammar
  • Beginner / Intermediate Conversation Exercise
  • Conversational expression according to the theme
  • Discussion in Japanese
  • Grammar learning using newspapers / magazines
  • Report writing practice in Japanese

Japanese language instruction (advanced / legal terminology)

  • Advanced conversation exercises
  • Japanese applied expression
  • Essay measures
  • Others
  • Essay preparation course
  • Personal statement measures lecture
  • Interview measures
  • Various individual seminars
  • Individual follow

About admission conditions

  • Those who can submit a Japanese language course certificate of 150 hours or more at the time of admission application, or who have obtained N5 or more in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
  • A four-year law graduate in China, a college graduate from law
  • Those who are not afraid of the legal field and want to find a job in Japan.
  • Those who have graduated from a law university in China

Admission time and period

・ October enrollment: 10 years of enrollment
・ April enrollment: 4 year or 1 years of enrollment

  • Application deadline

・ October enrollment: End of March of the same year
・ April enrollment: End of August of the previous year

Let's study abroad in Japan right now!

There are many reasons to be anxious about when studying abroad. Our school staff will answer your questions about study abroad and career development in Japan. Please let us know why you want to study in Japan.

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