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Introduction of TJA's partner companies


Tokyo Japanese Academy has various companies to assist you in getting a better opportunity when job-hunting in Japan. 

Today, we would like to introduce you to one of the companies that we have a partnership with. 

The company is called “Bon Zuttner” and their main work is to do lab-based offshore development and contract development targeting foreign IT engineers. The company is committed to refugee issues and the CTO is a Syrian national. and the company environment is very comfortable especially for foreigners. 

Here are some of the questions that we asked. 

Q: What kind of business is your company engaged in?

A: We carry out lab-based offshore development and contract development for Syrian IT engineers living overseas. We directly participate in the client's development team and support the development phase from function implementation to maintenance through online communication.

Q: When did you start hiring an overseas staff?

A: Since the company was founded with the idea of ​​“creating a business where we can co-creation with Syrian engineers”, a Syrian engineer joined as CTO and we have been positive about recruiting overseas human resources since the beginning when the company started. Even now, many of our staff members are from overseas. 

Q: What are some of the advantages of hiring overseas staff?

A: The fact that they are willing to do creative work is more than what we expected at first.It was a great miscalculation because they did more work than we were hoping for them to do.It was also a good thing that we were able to clear up some of the ambiguities between the Japanese and foreigners, which led to not having any big problems in the company. 

Additionally, one other thing that I love about them is the fact that they have a strong sense of community. I think it is quite refreshing to be able to come up with new ideas that are difficult to come up with in an organization with only Japanese people with high homogeneity. 

Q: Will you continue to promote the employment of foreign employees in the future?

A: Yes, we are planning to hire people of various nationalities as our business expands. 

Q: What is the standard of Japanese language ability for recruitment at your company?

A: Able to understand basic Japanese to some extent (N5)

Q: Please give us some advice for foreigners who wish to work in Japan.

A: I think it is better to make sure that the company is prepared to accept diversity as an organization, not just the part about “foreigners”. In terms of self-effort, even if the level of “Japanese” is low and there is on direct obstacles to work, it is strongly recommended to learn it well to maintain good relationships within and outside the company. 

I hope this article found you some more interest in this company!

Company website:

Representative Director: Yuki Sakashita

No Japanese language test even though it's an entrance exam for A Japanese language school?

The entrance examination for IT Job Hunting Class itself is also unique!

Let's check it in detail!

Our top priority is to check the skills of an IT engineer, so we mainly check your programming skills, and we do not check your Japanese language level at the entrance exam.

In fact, 90% of those who pass the exam have never studied Japanese language before.

So, don't worry even if you are a Japanese beginner.

You can start to study Japanese after passing the entrance exam:
Check this article for more information:
“Is Japanese learning necessary to apply” – TJA blog

What is the entrance exam like?

The entrance examination includes 3 steps: the Coding test, Background check by CV, and the Interview test.

1st Step: Coding test:

The coding test will be held to check your programming level.
By this test, you can check the approximate salary range that you could possibly get in Japan when you start working.

It is likely that you can get a decent score if you have some previous programming experience.

So, please try the test if you are interested at all !!

How to take the coding test ??

1) Go to TJA's SNS account and send a message saying “Entry”.

TJA Facebook Messenger 


2) You will receive a test URL to your SNS account.

3) Take the test whenever you are ready.

Here are the languages ​​you can choose from. You can choose one of them as you like to take it.

 Java & SQL / PHP & MySQL & HTML / CSS & JS / ASP.NET MVC & C # & MS SQL / Android / Python / Ruby (Ruby On Rails) / C # & .NET Online

After taking the test, you will receive the result and get the link for the next step only when your score was above the minimum score.

2nd Step: Registration

Please enter the necessary information into the application form that we will send you. CV (in any format) file will be required.

3rd Step: Interview

You will receive the link to book your available time to take an interview test.

It will take around 40 ~ 60 minutes in English or Japanese. 

We will ask you some questions based on your information in the application form and answer our Questionnaire.

After finishing all the process and if you are eligible for a tuition waiver, you will be asked to fill in some forms to submit for our internal committee to make a final decision.

Would you try our entrance exam?
If so, please send a message saying “entry” to TJA'S SNS as following;

TJA Facebook Messenger


If you want to take a consultation session by 1-on-1 meeting before taking the exam, please book the online session by the following link;

Is Japanese learning necessary to apply?

“I'm interested in the program but I have never studied the Japanese Language…”

Are you feeling anxious about learning Japanese? Do not worry even if you have never studied Japanese before with 2 reasons as following;

1st reason: You will not be required to any Japanese language skills at the entrance examination.  

The target to enroll in the IT Job Hunting course – Tokyo Japanese Academy (TJA) is for highly skilled engineers because we want to support them to utilize their abilities and be active in Japan. So, the entrance examination to IT Job Hunting Course only includes the Coding test, Background Check, and Interview.

You can take them all in English and never be required the Japanese language skill. Don't ever worry about it !!

2nd reason: You can start to learn Japanese by our online course for free!

To apply for a student visa in Japan, you will be required to submit the certificate of Japanese language study equivalent to JLPT N5 level. We provide the online course for those who already passed our entrance exam to get a necessary certificate.

You will receive a studying account for Japanese Pod 101 for 6 months for free with our support as well. After studying the necessary lessons, you will take the N5 online trial test.

What is “Japanese Pod 101”?

Japanese Pod 101 is the best Japanese learning program in the world with more than 15 million users in different countries. You can access plenty of attractive lessons, tools… and can study conversation, letters, verbs, pronunciation, culture… through English-based lessons. 

Basically, you can study yourself whenever you are available, on PC, Smartphone, and / or tablet. (Both on browser and application). You can ask any questions by a chat with the teacher on the site. With this site, you can study Japanese in a fun way !!

Of course, our staff also check your learning progress, give feedback, and support your learning. So, if you apply for the IT Job Hunting Program, you can start to learn Japanese even before enrollment. The earlier and more you learn Japanese, the better you will get used to living in Japan, the sooner you can participate in the internship program, and the easier you will find a better job. 

Would you like to study in Japan with our full support? If so, please book the individual consultation by the following link!