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For corporate customers

About the internship program

The competition for engineers will never end.

The effective job offer ratio is said to be 10 times for hiring IT engineers. Most of the recruitment is for experienced people, and as long as the supply and demand balance is not balanced, the competition for a handful of excellent people will not end.

Bringing excellent engineers with the top 1% skills in the world to Japan.

Due to the difficulty in hiring domestic human resources, an increasing number of companies are seeking excellent human resources regardless of nationality, but many of them are not producing satisfactory results. This is because the hiring market only has entry-level, inexperienced engineers who can speak Japanese or foreign engineers who have a lot of experience but cannot speak Japanese at all. Because.

Therefore, based on the Japanese language teaching know-how and customer attraction network of the Kochi Gakuen Group, which is the largest educational institution for international students in Japan, we have established a course for employment in Japan that is limited to excellent engineers with more than 3 years of development exprience in their home countries. By registering as a partner company, it can hire talented people without risk while accepting enrolled students as an internship.

Join the hosting partner

Let's start approaching the overseas excellent class starting from TJA. There is no referral fee when registering as a partner or accepting an internship.

  • -Accepting internships for students enrolled at our school
  • -Holding a recruitment briefing on campus
  • -Participation in on-campus exchange meetings and events