IT Employment Course | Tokyo Japanese Academy is a Japanese language school that is strong in finding employment in IT companies and going on to famous schools.
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IT engineer x employment in Japan

Take on the challenge of finding a job in Japan where you can earn $ 50000 / year with TJA's unique hands-on program

Career consultation is possible online from your overseas home!

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Accepting Japanese companies


Employment rate

100% guarantee

For those with excellent grades

Scholarship loan

TJA IT Job Hunting Program

This is a study abroad course for you who have experience as an engineer in your home country to advance your career in Japan. 

Acquire Japanese language skills and Japanese lifestyle

Instructors from TJA School, who have a wealth of experience, will teach you business Japanese from inexperienced. 

Participate in an internship

"Practical experience at a Japanese company" is the most important factor in job change activities.You can gain practical experience in many companies.

Career development and career change support

A dedicated career advisor will provide thorough support from career development to successful career change immediately after coming to Japan.

To utilize the IT skills learned in my home country in Japan

People learning 0 in the classroom

In the IT Job Hunting Program, project-type lessons are held in collaboration with actual companies and local governments in parallel with regular lessons.Through project-type lessons, you can improve your ability and communication skills while you are still in school, and gain the most important "development experience at a domestic company" in job hunting in Japan.

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Project-type development partner company

There are many companies that you can participate in as an internship during your period of enrollment, mainly in Tokyo.

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Start your career in Japan right now!

There are many uncertainties about finding a job overseas.Our school staff will answer your questions about your career advancement in Japan.Please tell us why you wanted to work in Japan.

Participate in individual consultations

Why you should work in Japan as an IT engineer

Employment at a Japanese company is a worthwhile choice even for those who have no experience in Japanese.

Engineers have high salaries in Japan

The average annual income of Japanese IT engineers is 547 million yen.If you are an engineer with more than 3 years of experience, the annual salary is over 400 million yen.

Education system is substantial

Many Japanese companies are promoting a hiring system called "membership-type employment," which does not place much emphasis on skill matching at the time of joining the company.This is a mechanism that enhances employee productivity through education after joining the company, unlike job-type employment, which is mainly promoted by Western companies.

Long period of stable work

In Japan, which restricts foreign workers, we are reluctant to move to foreigners for work purposes.However, only IT engineers are likely to be allowed to work from the perspective of securing human resources, and it is common for the period of stay allowed at one time to be set longer.In some cases, you can apply for permanent residence just by working as an IT engineer for one to three years.

Reasons for choosing TJA IT Employment Class


An educational program that even people who have no experience in Japanese can feel at ease

Please be assured not only for those who have never studied Japanese, but also for those who do not have their own communication in Japanese.
Most IT Job Hunting Program students enroll from the same starting line as you.

Inexperienced in Japanese


* Students enrolled in October 2021

Country of origin of the student


* Students enrolled in October 2021


An internship program that can localize your experience for Japanese companies

In the IT Job Hunting Program, we emphasize practical development experience in the field of Japanese companies.At general Japanese vocational schools and Japanese language schools, even if they provide the guidance necessary for Japanese communication, they give them the "development experience in the field of Japan" that is really necessary for employment at a Japanese IT company. Will not do it.However, we have created an environment where you can challenge yourself by contracting with a large number of internship accepting partners.

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Start your career in Japan right now!

There are many uncertainties about finding a job overseas.Our school staff will answer your questions about your career advancement in Japan.Please tell us why you wanted to work in Japan.

Participate in individual consultations

Process until admission

  • Step1 Online individual interview

    hereBook an online interview at.You will need your resume when making a reservation.

  • Step2 Web coding test
    Take an examination

    After the individual interview, those who are willing to enroll will be asked to take the coding test on the Web. You can challenge the web test in the language you are good at from languages ​​such as "Java", "PHP", "Ruby", and "Python".

  • Step3 Take an interview test

    Take an online interview test on the dates you desire.In the exam, we will ask you about the systems you have developed so far and what you would like to try in Japan.

  • Step4 Transfer the admission fee and start the visa procedure

    If you pass the exam, we will email you the admission procedure.Please follow the instructions and prepare the necessary documents for applying for the Certificate of Eligibility.Admission fee must be paid when submitting documents.Certificates, etc. must be shipped to Japan by international mail.

  • Step5 Receive the application results and pay the remaining tuition fees

    You will receive a permit notice about two months after you start the procedure.Please pay the remaining tuition fees and prepare for your visit to Japan.

  • Step6 Come to Japan and start your career in Japan

    Please come to Japan about 2 weeks before the entrance date.First, let's start a new career while getting used to life in Japan.

Participate in individual consultations


Can I learn a programming language?

IT Job Hunting Program does not teach programming languages.However, in order to resolve questions during the learning stage and anxieties at the internship destination, an engineer who is currently working at a domestic IT company will be the mentor, and you can consult online at any time.

I have no work experience in an IT company, can I enroll?

Is possible.However, in the coding test taken before admission, it is necessary to leave a grade of passing standard score (100 points or more out of 30 points).

I haven't studied Japanese, can I enroll?

You can apply even if you do not speak Japanese, but you must have a certain amount of learning experience by the deadline for submitting the application for issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility.

Learning certificate example

  1. Proof of taking Japanese at high school or university
  2. Certificate of passing various Japanese Language Proficiency Test grades equivalent to JLPT N5
  3. Proof that you have studied for more than 150 hours at a Japanese language school in your area

 * If the above three are difficult, you may be able to prove it in an online course.Please contact us for details.

Do you have an internship or employment only in Tokyo?

Most of the companies are in Tokyo, which are easy to move from school, but since there are many inquiries from local companies, we can also introduce internships and employment places at local companies that took long vacations.

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