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Program contents (IT Job Hunting Program)

A program for successful employment in Japan by utilizing the experience in your home country

In the IT Job Hunting Program, you will acquire the ability to lead to 100% employment through thorough guidance on Japanese communication skills required in the field of business and practical internships.During the internship, I am enthusiastic about writing code and aiming to be an engineer who can succeed in Japan while helping each other with mentors and students who do not understand.

About the curriculum

In addition to Japanese language classes aimed at developing N1 equivalent Japanese proficiency in one year, you will also learn Japanese that is useful in the field as a business etiquette and IT engineer required in the workplace.In addition, as an extracurricular study, we will also carry out an internship at a company in Tokyo.

About admission conditions

  • Those aged 20 to 35 who have graduated from a 4-year or junior college (regardless of nationality)
  • Those who can submit a Japanese language course certificate of 150 hours or more at the time of admission application, or those who have obtained the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 or more
  • Applicants who have a sponsor in Japan or in his/her country, who can bear all necessary expense during his/her stay in Japan.

[Scholarship conditions]

  • Applicants have more than three years of experience as a system engineer in addition to the qualifications of the general course below.
  • Those who have the following language knowledge and have achieved a certain grade in the entrance examination
  • Target programming languages ​​Java / PHP / Ruby / Python
  • Admission time and period

    • One year from April / October every year.
    • The enrollment period for 2021 is April 2021 and October 4.

    • Application deadline
    • April enrollment: Late October 4 / October enrollment: Late April 2020

    About the entrance examination / Selection flow

    STEP1. Document review

    Please use the admission form to send us your background and resume file.Based on your background, we will make a pass / fail decision after carefully examining the requirements for obtaining a student visa and the possibility of employment at a Japanese company.

    To the admission reception form

    STEP2. Coding test

    We will guide you through the coding test for students who have passed the document screening.It is held once a week, so please select the date and time you want to take the test.There are three types of coding tests, and you can take a test that includes your favorite language.

    STEP3. Interview examination

    After the coding test, an online interview will be conducted.All interviews will be conducted in English or Japanese.

    To realize your employment in Japan

    Even if you enroll a japanese language school, there is no point unless you succeed in changing jobs in Japan. The IT Job Hunting Program provides an environment where everyone can do it.

    Feature 01.

    Prepare an internship destination according to your technical level

    Even if you stretch out and jump into a high-level environment, you will not be able to demonstrate your skills unless you can understand the language.The important thing is to steadily gain development experience one by one even in an environment where you cannot get used to it. In the IT Job Hunting Program, we will select based on various criteria such as your technical level, Japanese level, development content at the internship destination, etc., and prepare the most suitable training destination for you now.

    Feature 02.

    Thorough guidance on Japanese skills necessary for practical work

    In Japan, most companies operate in Japanese, with some exceptions.Therefore, no matter how good your skills are, you cannot aim for a good career.In other words, this means that if you learn Japanese, you can work in Japan, which has few rivals, with much higher treatment than in your home country.It's okay if you have no experience studying Japanese. At TJA, instructors with a wealth of teaching experience will thoroughly support your career.

    Feature 03.

    Many partner companies are waiting for your arrival in Japan

    The company you are internship with is a place where you can practice development practices while you are still in school, and you are also a candidate for a job.The companies we accept are actively hiring international students like you from overseas, and make hiring decisions through internship work.By participating in internships at a number of companies while still in school, you can proceed to the selection process while feeling the atmosphere of the company.

    Start your career in Japan right now!

    There are many uncertainties about finding a job overseas.Our school staff will answer your questions about your career advancement in Japan.Please tell us why you wanted to work in Japan.

    Participate in individual consultations