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This page contains frequently asked questions regarding admission to the university, taking the coding test, and applying for a student visa for TOKYO JAPANESE ACADEMY. Please check them out before contacting us.

About TJA

Is there a dormitory?

We do not have dormitories, but we can introduce condominiums and share houses that can be used by international students through our affiliated real estate agents.

How many years will it take to graduate?

We offer 1 year, 1 year and 6 months, and 2 year courses.

Is it possible to take classes online?

As a general rule, you have to come to the school. However, if it becomes difficult to attend school / danger to learners, as represented by the new coronavirus, we may switch to online attendance (There is past experience).

Can I work part-time after coming to Japan?

You can work part-time within 28 hours a week. Your payment varies depending on the type of work, but it seems that students in the IT Job Hunting program often earn around ¥100,000 each month. The hourly wage at the internship destination is often high, so some students earn about ¥350,000 depending on their skills.
* If you work 112 hours with an hourly wage of \3125

How many hours a day do you study at school?

There are morning classes (9:00 to 12:10) and afternoon classes (13:00 to 16:10), which will be assigned according to the results of the entrance examination. In the remaining day, you can participate in programs such as internships, and study will proceed on a reasonable schedule. Classes are from Monday to Friday, and we won't have classes on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and school-designated holidays.

About IT Job Hunting Program

Can I learn a programming language?

IT Job Hunting Program does not teach programming languages. However, in order to resolve questions during the learning stage and concerns at an internship destination, the engineers who are currently working at an IT company in Japan will be the mentor, and you can consult online at any time.

Please tell about the period and contents of the entrance examination.

You can take the entrance exam for the IT Job Hunting Program online at any time. Please contact us from this website and consult with the staff in charge first.

About admission fee

Please check here for the fees required for admission. In addition, there is a tuition waiver system where all of your school tuition would be removed.

What kind of company can I do an internship?

There are many companies that TJA has partnerships with, which are mainly in Tokyo. The number of companies you can apply to is limited depending on your technical level and Japanese language level. However, in principle, you can participate in the "long-term (about 3 months) development work at an IT system development company" program.

I haven't graduated from college, can I still enroll?

The goal of the IT Job Hunting Program is to get a job at a Japanese company after graduation. Since it is necessary to graduate from a university or junior college in order to obtain a working visa in Japan, "university or junior college graduate or higher" is a condition for admission as a general rule. However, if you are an IT engineer, you can get a working visa if you pass the following exams.

This test is not conducted in Japan. If the test is held in your country, you can take the test in your native language, so it would be a smooth move to take and pass the test before coming to Japan.

I have no working experience in an IT company, can I still enroll?

It is possible. However, it is necessary to get the passing score on the coding test that you are required to take before admission (100/30)

I have never studied Japanese before, can I still enroll?

You can apply even if you do not speak Japanese, but you must have a certain amount of learning experience by the deadline for submitting the application.

Learning certificate example

  1. Proof of taking Japanese class in high school or university
  2. Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test level equivalent to JLPT N5
  3. Proof that you have studied at a Japanese language school in your home country area for more than 150 hours.

 * If the above three are difficult, you may be able to prove it in an online course, etc. Please contact us for details.

Is the internship only in Tokyo?

Most of the companies are in Tokyo, which are easy to move from school, but we can also introduce internships in rural areas using long vacations.

About admission procedure

What is the flow of admission procedures?

In order to obtain a student visa, you must complete the visa procedure four months before the class begins. Please see here for details.

Is there a case where the procedure for coming to Japan will be denied?

Depending on the situation of the applicant, there may be cases where permission is denied. Since it is judged by the Immigration Bureau, we cannot answer the specific reason for the disapproval from our school, but it may be disapproved in the following cases.

  • If you could not prepare all the necessary documents by the submission deadline
  • If the financial supporter cannot afford the cost of studying abroad and when the student is difficult to receive financial assistance while attending school.
  • If you have had trouble after coming to Japan before and have been forced to leave the country
  • When it is determined that the submitted documents are false or counterfeit
  • If you have a criminal record in your home country

What if I can't collect the necessary documents for the procedure?

You may be able to apply using alternative documents, so please consult with the staff in charge.

When is the time to pay the tuition?

Payment is required when the student visa examination result is obtained. Payment deadlines are early March for April enrollment and early September for October enrollment.