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Japanese Language Instructor Training Program

The demand for Japanese language instructors is increasing every year. This program provides thorough support from Japanese teaching methods to Job Hunting activities for overseas personnel who want to start teaching Japanese.

This class is for those who want to become a Japanese teacher in their home country or Japan by making use of the Japanese skills they have learned so far. We aim to pass the Japanese teacher qualification test, which is a difficult qualification, through double schooling with the popular Japanese teacher training course offered at Kochi Gakuen. We also support employment as a Japanese teacher.

About affiliated school "Kochi Gakuen"

Kochi Gakuen is one of Japan's largest educational institutions for international students, providing university and graduate school exams, Japanese language education guidance, and career support. Based on more than 12 years of study abroad guidance and curriculum research and development achievements, we provide exam preparation guide to more than 4,000 international students annually, and we are proud of our achievements in passing to top-level schools in Japan. In the Japanese Language Instructor Training Program, in addition to the conversational "teaching ability of Japanese as a skill", "the ability to teach the wisdom of foreigners to coexist with Japanese people in Japan" is cultivated. The course was held with the goal of training teachers for a New Era.

Kochi Gakuen Co., Ltd.
Chairman Yang

It can be said that the demand for Japanese language teachers, who are responsible for basic education for foreigners, has increased in various workplaces. At the same time, social responsibility has become more important. This is because unless the Japanese language teacher meets the foreigner for the first time at the entrance properly teaches the foreigner the Japanese language and knowledge of Japanese society and rules, the foreigner will unconsciously apply the common sense of his/her own country, which will eventually lead to a sense of discomfort felt by the Japanese person from the foreigner. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the development of foreigners themselves and the happiness of the Japanese people around them depend on the education of Japanese teachers.

Kochi Gakuen has been involved in the gifted education of international students for many years, and every year we produced thousands of international students to top universities and companies in Japan. The secret to success is not only preparing for the paper tests, but also teaching international students on the premise of making a long life plan for living in Japan, such as research, life, making friends, employment, etc. after entering university.

In the Japanese Language Instructor Training Program at Kochi Gakuen, in addition to the conversational "teaching ability of Japanese as a skill", "the ability to teach the wisdom of foreigners to coexist with Japanese people in Japan" is cultivated. The course was held with the goal of training teachers for a New Era.

Comparison between Japanese teacher training class and other schools

TOKYO JAPANESE ACADEMY Low price school Online school Other schools
Guidance of necessary Japanese ability
Over 450 hours of lectures

Class time is short

Can't receive tutoring

420 hours last-minute lecture
Class skills to acquire
200 hours of mock lesson
Can't do a mock lesson
Can't do a mock lesson

100 hours of mock lesson
Abundance of curriculum
Comprehensive study of departments and practical skills
Past exam questions only

Charged option

There are no classes aimed for foreigners
Career support
Job introduction that makes the best use of industry connections
Not supported
Class content only
Not supported
Achievements in overseas human resources guidance
Over 10 years of teaching experience
For Japanese
For Japanese

For Japanese

About admission conditions

  • Those who have a Japanese level of JLPT N2 or higher at the time of admission
  • Those who have graduated from the Japanese language department of a 4-year university in their home country
  • Experienced Japanese teacher

Admission time and period

・ October enrollment: 10 years of enrollment
・ April enrollment: 4 year or 1 years of enrollment

  • Application deadline

・ October enrollment: End of March of the same year
・ April enrollment: End of August of the previous year

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