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Procedure flow

About the entrance examination / Selection flow

1. Document screening

Please use the admission form to send us your background and resume file. Based on your background, we will notify you of the result after carefully examining the requirements for obtaining a student visa and the possibility of employment at a Japanese company.

Admission reception form

2. Coding test

We will guide you through the coding test for students who have passed the document screening.It is held once a week, so please select the date and time you want to take the test. There are three types of coding tests, and you can take a test with the language you are most good at.

3. Interview examination

After the coding test, an online interview will be conducted. All interviews will be conducted in English or Japanese.

Procedure after passing


Prepare the necessary documents

To apply for a student visa, you need to submit the application documents to the Immigration Bureau about 4 months before your arrival to Japan (April course: Must arrive on November 4 of the previous year). If you do not submit the application documents in time, the application process will be postponed until the next round of recruitment. The content of the application will be determined by the Immigration Bureau of Japan.

  • Application form
  • Resume
  • Reason for studying abroad
  • ID photo
  • Passport copy (* Copy every page except blank pages)
  • Identification
  • Various certificates
    1. Final Education Diploma (Original)
    2. Transcript (original)
    3. If the applicant is currently enrolled, please have the enrolled school issue the following documents:
      • Certificate of enrollment (original)
      • Academic transcript (original)
  • Certificate of learning Japanese
    1. Pass various Japanese proficiency tests and get the certificate and transcript. (JLPT, J.TEST, NAT-TEST, Top-J, etc.)
    2. If you have taken Japanese at high school or university, the transcript (original)
    3. If you have attended a Japanese language school, submit a certificate of completion
  • Certificate of employment (when the person is in employment)
  • 2

    Payment of tuition fees

    We will contact you by email as soon as your student visa is granted. Please transfer the tuition fee to the designated account by the due date.

    Transfer account / * Transfer fee and exchange fee will be borne by the applicant.

    Tokyo Japanese Academy Annam Co., Ltd.
    Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Yokohama West Exit Branch
    Ordinary account 0181967


    Immigration procedures at the Japanese Embassy in your home country

    After confirming the payment of the tuition fee, we will send the Certificate Of Eligibility (COE) to your home by international mail. Please prepare the necessary documents and proceed with the rest of the procedure at the Japanese embassy near your residence.


    Entering Japan

    You finally reached the starting line to start your career in Japan. After completing the procedure, all you have to do is wait for your departure to Japan! To get used to the life in Japan, make sure to arrive at least two weeks before school starts. If you cannot decide on an apartment, you can also use the student dormitory.