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Professional Training Colleges Program

Study in Japan in a meaningful way by acquiring the language skills necessary for a career in Japan and the skills that are in high demand for employment. We support you to go on to a good school where you can acquire high skills.

Japanese high school students have the option of going to a vocational school as a career path after graduation. A vocational school is a technical training school unique to Japan that teaches the basics of Japanese services represented by words such as "cool Japan" and "hospitality." By collaborating with excellent schools in various genres with high employment rates, TJA will support your own career plan that allows you to acquire "Japanese-style services" that are highly evaluated both in Japan and overseas and play an active role all over the world.

While attending school, students will comprehensively study four skills (speaking, listening, writing, and reading) to acquire practical Japanese skills that will be useful for their career after graduation. After the curriculum, we will provide career guidance for the place where the employment rate is particularly high in Japan and only for good vocational schools (Affiliated vocational schools). Japanese vocational school are divided into the eight field.

  • Industry / agriculture
  • Medical
  • Education and welfare
  • Commercial practice
  • conditioning
  • Beauty
  • Clothing
  • Culture / Education

Affiliated vocational school

  • Hollywood Beauty College Beauty / clothing
  • Tsuji Group Cooking and confectionery

About admission conditions

  • Those who can submit a Japanese language course certificate of 150 hours or more at the time of admission application, or who have obtained N5 or more in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
  • Those who have graduated from junior high school or above in their home country
  • Those who want to acquire the technology and skills that can make things, and those who aim for independence and entrepreneurship with the acquired technology

Admission time and period

・ October enrollment: 10 years of enrollment
・ April enrollment: 4 year or 1 years of enrollment

  • Application deadline

・ October enrollment: End of March of the same year
・ April enrollment: End of August of the previous year

Let's study abroad in Japan right now!

There are many reasons to be anxious about when studying abroad. Our school staff will answer your questions about study abroad and career development in Japan. Please let us know why you want to study in Japan.

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