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Yoyogi Animation Academy Partner Program

Supports industry employment related to animation production and manga. A program to learn the skills of the Japanese entertainment industry and become a professional.

This program aims to become a professional in the entertainment industry such as animation and manga while learning Japanese from the basics. By partnering with Yoyogi Animation Academy (Tokyo School), which is a professional training institution in the entertainment field including animation production, and advancing the curriculum in a double school format, we will make you land the employment in the entertainment industry.

About affiliated school "Yoyogi Animation Gakuin"


It is one of the largest professional entertainer training institutions in Japan that symbolizes Cool Japan, and is so influential that graduates are involved in almost all anime works broadcast in Japan. At Tokyo Japanese Academy, based on the special curriculum in partnership with Yoyogi Animation Gakuin, we will provide Japanese language instruction necessary for employment in the Japanese entertainment industry, content business, and animators.

We have the best equipment as a professional training program related to Japanese anime and manga.

In order to acquire specialized skills at Yoyogi Animation Gakuin, the first two years will be a double school curriculum aimed at improving basic Japanese proficiency. In the final year, we will concentrate on lectures at Yoyogi Animation School, aiming to acquire professional skills in the same course as Japanese students.

Achievements of Yoyogi Animation Gakuin graduates

Teng Chong

21st year graduate: Kusanagi Co., Ltd. (unofficial decision)

I got a job offer from a company called Kusanagi Background Art, which mainly produces background art for TV anime, theater animation, games, and so on. I think the most famous anime I've worked on is the "Fullmetal Alchemist" series, and this year, the company celebrated its 30th anniversary. In the early days, he used to draw on paper, but now he has switched to CG and uses 3D software a lot.

42 years since the school was opened, and more than 12 million graduates.

Graduates who are active in "animators" Graduates who are active in the "manga industry"

Double school target course

In the Yoyogi Animation Academy Partner Program, you can choose the course you want to study from five fields.

Animation Dept.

Animator Course

Become an animator in demand in the animation industry! Even if you are an amateur at drawing, it's okay. Learn the basics of reproducing the human body and develop basic skills through movement training.

Animation Background Art Course

Become the general art director in charge of background graphics! Students will develop their drawing and creative skills through both analog and digital approaches.

Animation Producer & Director Course

Get the two qualities you need to be an animation director and director! What you need is a sense of being ahead of the times and the leadership to organize your team.

Creator Department.

Illustration Course

Become a professional illustrator by acquiring the ability to depict the human body, design, and PC coloring skills! You will acquire the ability to draw and the speed to complete your work by the deadline, which is equally important.

Manga Course

The most important thing is to create your own unique characters and stories. By learning the basic skills of drawing, composition, and depiction of the human body, we support you in creating the work you really want to draw.

* Yoyogi Animation Gakuin offers various courses other than the above, but support for going on to higher education from this class is not applicable.

About the curriculum

In order to acquire practical Japanese skills that will be useful for your career after graduation, you will be able to get a job in the Japanese entertainment industry while comprehensively learning the four skills (speaking, listening, writing, and reading).

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

5 days on weekdays
(Monday to Friday)

5 days on weekdays
(Monday to Friday)

1 class/week
(Weekday afternoon or weekend)

12 --15 classes / week
(Weekday afternoon or weekend)

12 --15 classes / week
(Weekday afternoon or weekend)

About admission conditions

  • Those who can submit a Japanese language course certificate of 150 hours or more at the time of admission application, or who have obtained N5 or more in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
  • Those who are interested in finding employment in Japanese entertainment industry, content business, animator, etc.
  • Those who are thinking of finding a job or improving their career in the Japanese or Chinese anime and manga industries

Admission time and period

・ October enrollment: 10 years of enrollment
・ October enrollment: 4 years of enrollment

Application deadline

・ October enrollment: Early April of the same year
・ April enrollment: Late September of the previous year

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